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 6thSense - Allways The Leader & allways helping . .

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Age : 37
Location : Bulgaria;Sofia
Job/hobbies : FPS Gaming and manage PReDaToRs Guild
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PostSubject: 6thSense - Allways The Leader & allways helping . .   Sat Sep 13, 2008 2:23 pm

NickName : pTs|6thsense
Real Name : Assen Doitchinov
Yrs. : 03.01.1981 - 30 yrs.


He got his nickname 6thsense from his old friend and one from the settlers of predators clan members GooDY, because of his 6thsense on the battlefield early back from cs 1.6 -Always knowing the opponents turn strategy and position.
6thsense in life is always an leader in every professional scape he was like managing people even once being syndicate leader-chairman.
He began to play fps from back 1989 again called Wolfenstein 3D even before Wolfenstein 3D he played many games since now he continues to play most of the new games espacily fps thath comes up CrysisWarhead Farcry2 CallOfDuty World At War.
The games which he play's now Call of Duty 4 Crysis Turok Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 Unreal Tournament 3 Rainbow Six Vegas 2 And many more HIS FAVORITE RPG MASS EFFECT AND HIS BELOVED Heroes of Might and Magic V - Tribes of the East and he once been an admin in lineage 2 Oath of blood from l2 beta c1 and carom3d which is billiard 3d game
6thsense play's a role in cod4 rush strategic movement's and knowing the opponent's tactic's

My 1st First Person Shooter and one of my favorites ;
and check over here !
My 1st First Person Shooter Multiplayer and one of my favorites !


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6thSense - Allways The Leader & allways helping . .
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